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Asphalt Roads Serving Entire Twin Cities Area: Nearly 20 Years’ Experience

Almost all of the roads in this country and all of the roads built by The Asphalt Company, an asphalt paving company in Maple Grove, Minnesota, are durable and economical asphalt roads. With asphalt surfaces, roads are smooth, safe and environmentally friendly. In addition to new road construction, our company does asphalt road repair.

Our commercial paving company provides road construction and asphalt road paving in Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Edina, Bloomington, Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, St. Paul and Blaine, Minnesota. Contact us today to learn why the surfaces of 94% of the roads in the United States are made of asphalt.

Maple Grove MN: Best Paving Material for Road Construction

It is our belief that using asphalt in road construction just makes good sense all the way around. You may not realize it, but that smooth ride you enjoy on the way to work in Maple Grove is courtesy of asphalt road construction. Asphalt is the best material for ensuring a smooth, quiet and comfortable drive. No uneven surfaces, noise, or bouncing around.

Affordable Asphalt Road Construction in Maple Grove MN

Made of stone, sand or gravel with an asphalt binder, asphalt road paving material is the best economic choice for road construction in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Asphalt costs less than concrete, is cheaper to maintain and lasts for many years with occasional sealcoating. Asphalt road paving is known as a great time-saver during construction, for soon after the surface is laid, the road is ready for traffic. And asphalt road construction in Maple Grove MN is far simpler than using other types of paving materials.

Maple Grove MN: Asphalt Road Paving Using Recycled Materials

Asphalt road construction is earth-friendly. Asphalt roads are made of recyclable materials, such as tires, shingles, glass and even old asphalt. Using this type of paving material demonstrates active concern for the environment. Our asphalt paving company believes it's best for the environment to use such pavement for roads in Maple Grove MN and surrounding areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Asphalt Road Repair in Maple Grove MN

In addition to asphalt road construction in Maple Grove, Minnesota, count on The Asphalt Company for asphalt road repair. We are experienced in fixing cracks and filling up potholes quickly and efficiently so the detour signs only need stay up for a short time.

Contact us today to talk to us about using the best paving material for road construction—asphalt. We proudly serve Maple Grove, Elk River, Blaine, Stillwater, Eagan, Apple Valley, Shakopee, Chanhassen, Monticello, St Cloud, Minnesota.

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